After killing 36 Gazans, Sanders said: Israel must lift its siege imposed on Gaza

Nov 17,2019

Sanders blamed Palestinians for firing rockets at the Israeli occupation and did not mention that Israel killed 36 Palestinians, including eight children.

In the wake of killing 36 Palestinians in Gaza and wounding 111 others, US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for Israel to lift its siege imposed on Gaza and end its occupation.

Commenting on the Israeli occupation attack on Gaza, Sanders tweeted: “Palestinians should not have to live under occupation and blockade.”

Sanders insisted that his country should exert efforts in order to end the 12-year-old Israeli siege imposed on more than 2 million people.

“The US must lead the effort to end the crisis in Gaza and the persistent violence that threatens everyone,” he added.

Sanders initially blamed the Palestinians for making the Israeli occupiers live in fear under the rocket salvos.

He ignored the fact that the Palestinian rockets fired at the Israeli occupation are primitive and do nothing compared to those of the Israelis which destroy complete neighbourhoods.

“Israelis should not have to live in fear of rocket fire,” he started his tweet.

It is worth noting that during a tow-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, Israel killed 36 Palestinians, one third of them were children and wounded 111 others, while no Israeli was even wounded.

All the 40 people reported wounded in Israel suffered from trauma. All the 2 million people in Gaza also suffered from trauma.


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