What did Netanyahu do in Gaza

Nov 17,2019

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chiefs of his army have been bragging about killing children and women in Gaza, claiming they have killed “terrorists.”

During the two-day violent offensive, the Israeli occupation killed 36 Palestinians, including eight children and three women.

It also wounded 111 civilians, including 51 children and 11 women.

One of the attacks targeted a tin shack belonged to a very poor family. It consisted of 21 members; eight of them perished and all of the others have been in hospitals.

The Israeli army claimed it did not think that the tin shack was not empty.

To prove that the attack was intentional and children were the real target, the Spokesman of the Israeli Army Avichay Adraee intended to coverup the Israeli strike and expressed his pride that the Israeli army had killed a senior Islamic Jihad leader in this attack.

Palestine Post 24

Israeli warplanes, artillery bomb Gaza Strip

Israeli war planes and artilleries fired around ten rockets and projectiles at several areas across the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip, including security watchtower.