Palestinian journalist had his eye removed after being shot by Israel

Nov 19,2019

Backed by the US, Israeli forces enjoy full immunity so as they continue to attack Palestinian journalists.

Doctors removed on Tuesday morning eye of Palestinian journalist Muath Amarneh, who was shot by Israeli occupation forces while covering their violations on Friday in West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

Shooting the photojournalist prompted outrage among Palestinian and international journalists on social media and solidarity protests in the occupied territory.

Muath, from the Bethlehem-area Dheisheh refugee camp, was covering Israeli attacks on protests in the town of Surif alongside several of his colleagues when he was hit.

Amarneh was targeted by an Israeli sniper, his colleagues said, despite the fact he was wearing a press vest and helmet when he was shot

Israeli police claimed that Amarneh was not targeted, but that he was standing too close to protesters, while his colleagues insisted he was standing among them as all of them were far away from the protesters.

An injured and bloodied Amarneh was evacuated to the nearest hospital in Al-Khalil, before eventually being transferred to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where he has since been receiving treatment.

‘Muath’s Eye’

Photos of Amarneh with a bloodied eye, wearing his press vest and still holding his camera, went viral over the weekend on social media, prompting widespread denunciation from Palestinians across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, as well as in the world.

Palestinian journalists and activists from across the territories posted photos of themselves on social media with one eye covered, with the hashtag “Muath’s Eye”, in Arabic.

Meanwhile, many international journalists across the globe put their hands or placed badges on their eyes and posted their pictures on social media and wrote they are doing this in solidarity with Amarneh.

Protests and sit-ins were organised in Amarneh’s hometown of Bethlehem, the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, and Gaza City.

Hundreds of journalists took part in the Bethlehem sit-in, wearing their press vests and symbolically wearing eyepatches.

Israeli forces violently dispersed the Bethlehem protest, heavily firing sound bombs and tear gas at journalists as they approached the permanent Israeli military base at the northern end of the city.

It is worth noting that the Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists do not stop. In October alone, reports counted more than 600 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists and mass media.


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