Report: 144 Gazans wounded as Israeli forces brutally crackdown on peaceful protests

Apr 05,2019

Since the start of the protests, Israeli occupation forces have killed 52 children.

At least 83 peaceful Palestinian protesters were wounded during the protests of the 53rd Friday of the Great March of Return and Breaking the sea in blockaded Gaza Strip.

While the peaceful protesters were approaching the security fence placed by the Israeli occupation along the eastern side of Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces opened live fire at them and showered them with strange teargas.

They fled away, but the Israeli occupation forces fired more teargas at them as they were running farther. The teargas reached the protesters, who were more than 500 metres far from the fence.

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 144 protesters were wounded, including one sustained very serious wounds in his face.

It added: “This number included 41 children, six women and two journalists.”

Last Saturday marked the first anniversary of the Great March of Return Protests, when the Israeli occupation forces murdered five peaceful protesters, including three children and wounded 315 others.

Since the start of the protests on 30 March, 2018, the Israeli occupation have killed around 280 protesters and wounded more than 30,000 others.