Israel deports director of Human Rights Watch

Nov 25,2019

HRW director: ‘it is an attack on human rights movement.’

Israeli occupation deported on Sunday Omar Shakir, director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Israel and Palestine, over his “human rights advocacy.”

“This has never been about BDS, it is always has been about Israeli government efforts to muzzle Human Rights Watch,” Shakir said.

However, Israel said that he was expelled because of his activities related to the BDS and his boycott of the Israeli occupation.

“The world has seen through this what it is,” he said, “it is an attack on human rights movement”

Shakir insisted that he and the HRW would continue to do their work, “human rights advocacy.” He said: “We will continue covering the same topics, with the same intensity and with the same vigour.”

Israeli occupation has been waging a massive war on human rights groups, international bodies and even social media which expose its violations against the Palestinians.


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