Israel to fight against ‘radical’ Bernie Sanders after saying he would send aid to Gaza

Nov 25,2019

Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, said he would fight in order not to let humanitarian assistance go to besieged Gaza, where his army nine members of the same family last week.

Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon pledged on Sunday he “will fight against” against US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, describing him as “radical voice.”

Danon went after Sanders while speaking at the annual Zionist Organization of America gala in New York, saying that Sanders undermined “the security of both Israel and the US by questioning their relationship at the J Street conference.”

Sanders recently suggested that if elected, he would condition military aid to Israel to force the government to change its policies.

“After implying that it is Israel that refuses to negotiate with the Palestinians, he went on to blame Israel for the situation in Gaza,” Danon said.

“Perhaps Mr Sanders did not hear about Israel leaving Gaza in 2005? Maybe he has not had the chance to visit the Kerem Shalom crossing where hundreds of trucks pass daily to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza?”

Danon refers to the Israeli dismantling of illegal Jewish settlements in Gaza in 2005 and the few hundred trucks of commodities bought by the poorest people in the enclave, which has been under a strict Israeli siege for 13 years.

“Let me assure you, my friends, we will never let that happen,” Danon said, referring to Sanders’ condition to give aid to Gaza if US aid would continue be paid to Israel.

“We will fight against these radical voices,” he stressed. “We will continue to strengthen the Iron Wall [Israeli separation wall in the occupied West Bank]. We will continue to make Israel thrive as it does today.”

He ignored that ten days ago, his country killed 36 Palestinian civilians, including nine members of the same family of herders who used to live in a tin shack in an empty area in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

Here what Israel did in Gaza last week:


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