Israel military traces international anti-occupation activists

Dec 04,2019

This order was mainly designed to target the head of the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK.

Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett signed on Tuesday executive military order targeting economic activities of anti-occupation activists abroad.

The order, which is the first of its kind, plans to carry out “targeted economic eradication” against the activists, whom the referred to by Bennet as “terrorists”.

According to Jewish Press, Bennett’s spokesman said: “The Defence Minister’s order restricts the ability of a terror activist to use his assets and promote his financial interests as well as the interests of his terrorist organisation in Israel and abroad, constituting an effective deterrent against terrorism.”

Jewish Press also reported that “this is part of the war against funding terrorism,” adding: “This is the first in a series of orders targeting additional activists which will be signed by the defence minister soon.”

Claimed “terrorists” will be added to an Israeli list which will be accessible to everyone, so that hundreds of “terrorist operatives from Hezbollah, Hamas and other groups will be marked as such around the world.”

Forty-seven-year-old Palestinian lawyer Mohammed Jamil Hersh is the first to be affected by this order.

Israeli occupation deported him from Palestine in 1992 and sent him to Lebanon due to his activism during the First Intifada.

He now heads the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK.


Jewish Press

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