Israel extends detention of wounded Palestinian boy

Dec 18,2019

Investigators told Israeli military court they needed more time to investigate the boy.

Israeli occupation extended on Wednesday detention of 15-year-old Palestinian boy, who was wounded during detention campaign, Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission (PPC) said.

The PPC said that Hamza al-Hreimi, 15, was injured in the thigh when the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at him on Tuesday night as they raided his family’s house, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. and detained him.

Detained while bleeding, the boy was moved to an Israeli hospital for treatment and then sent to prison to be investigated.

According to the PPC, the 15-year-old Palestinian boy appeared in Ofer Military Court on Wednesday.

The court, said the PPC, extended his detention until tomorrow after the Israeli military investigators had requested more time for the probe.



Israel damages 100,000 coronavirus swabs

Israeli occupation damaged 100,000 swabs for coronavirus after preventing the passage of clinical materials from Jordan to the West Bank, Palestinian Health Minister Mai Keela said on Wednesday.