Israel still putting tight restrictions on exporting Gaza produce

Dec 18,2019

Due to the Israeli restrictions, Gaza farmers have so far exported only ten tons of strawberries.

As the strawberry season reaches its peak, Palestinian farmers in Gaza complains of tight Israeli restriction being put on exporting their produce.

Responding to the Israeli false reports about exporting strawberries from Gaza, the farmers stressed that they had exported only ten tons.

On Tuesday, the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported claims made by the Israeli occupation authorities that 450 tons of strawberries from Gaza were exported this season.

However, the Palestinian farmers said that they exported five tons of strawberries to the UAE to Qatar and the UAE last week via the Allenby crossing between the occupied West Bank and Jordan.

In addition, they said that they exported the same amount to England through the Israel Ben Gurion International Airport.

Gaza farmers are planting 7,300 dunams (1,800 acres) of strawberries in the north of the besieged enclave this year.

The industry employs about 1,500 Gazan farmers who pay for the livelihoods of more than 150,000 residents.