Israel fails to murder Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna

Dec 24,2019

The Archbishop, who is currently at hospital, accuses Israel of using strange chemical substance to murder or paralyse him.

Israeli occupation has failed to murder Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.

Hanna, who is currently is being hospitalised after smiling a poisonous gas fired by the Israeli occupation forces at his church in Jerusalem on last Wednesday.

Speaking to Jordanian media while receiving treatment at the Jordan Hospital, Archbishop Hanna told said that the Israeli occupation is responsible for poisoning him using a “chemical substance.”

Archbishop Hanna went as far as asserting that the Israeli occupation “may have attempted to assassinate him or keep him sick all his life, indicating that the substance has very serious effects, especially on the nervous system.”

The Christian Palestinian leader, who remains one of the most critical voices of the Israeli occupation, and a lead advocate of unity among Palestinians, is expected to remain in the Jordanian hospital in the coming days.

Despite his ailment, Hanna called for Muslim and Christian unity and brotherhood and said that by targeting him, Israel has targeted all Palestinians.

“We celebrate the end of the occupation as one family, but our enemies want us to be fragmented,” Archbishop Hanna said.

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