Hamas official: ‘Our aspiration is to free our people, not to change prison guards’

Apr 08,2019

Commenting on Israeli elections, Basem Naim, Member of Hamas’s Office of International Relations, has said: “Our aspiration is to free our people, not to change prison guards.”

Speaking to Palestine Post 24, he said: “Hamas does not comment on the Israeli elections because it believes there is no different between the Israeli right and left.”

However, after tens of questions by international journalists sent to him to comment, he wrote on his twitter account: “Many international media asking us about our opinion towards the #IsraelElections, or who we prefer to win the #IsraelElections?

“Our response was always: Our choice is the #Freedom & Self-determination of our people, and not to change the prison guards.”

In another tweet, he wrote he followed up the Israeli elections campaign and found that the Palestinian issue was not entirely part of the debate unless when it is related to deny the Palestinians' rights or showcase how much brutally the winners would be dealing with the Palestinians.

It is worth noting that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he was proud of killing 300 peaceful protesters in Gaza in the course of the last year.

He also pledged he would annex the occupied West Bank and would never evacuate a single Israeli Jewish settler however settlement deemed illegal in the international law.

The Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said she was proud of being fascist. Education minister pledged to be more extremist than all the Israeli right wingers so as he is planning to assassinate Palestinian leaders.

Naim also tweeted: “[Israeli elections reflect] a racist democracy, that conceals the true face of a racist & fascist occupation, subjugate another people, occupies its land, & deprives it of its right 2 freedom, independence & a decent life.”