Saudi TV bans Palestine announcer due to solidarity with Yemen

Jan 12,2020

This was not the first case. Last year, Saudi MBC fired broadcaster Ola al Fares after condemning how Saudi dealt with Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Director of Saudi sports channels, Ghanim Al-Qahtani, has banned Palestinian announcer, Razan Malash, from appearing on his channels after tweeting in solidarity with Yemen.

The ban came following controversy on social media among supporters of the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, claiming that a tweet posted by the announcer was abusive towards the Kingdom.

Malash, who is a sports correspondent in Spain, tweeted: “The Saudi fighters only strike Yemen, not Israel.”

Al-Qahtani confirmed that she does not work directly with his sports channels, but through a company contracted by them.

Saudi social media users also retrieved old tweets by Malash, in which she accused Saudi Arabia of being responsible for Daesh existence.

Malash was not the first such case. In 2018, the Saudi MBC channel fired announcer Ola Al-Fares, after she criticised US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

She tweeted: “Trump did not choose the time absurdly… Tonight, we condemn and tomorrow we welcome him.”

This tweet ignited controversy on social media, as Saudi users claimed she was disparaging of the kingdom, which led to her firing.

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