Israel occupation demolishes Palestinian school in West Bank village

Jan 18,2020

Israeli settler campaigner said: “This is very welcome and long overdue… This acts will put an end to European meddling in the affairs of this area,” referring to EU-funded projects.

Israeli occupation army has destroyed school under construction in Al Khalil’s village of Yatta in the occupied West Bank in order to disrupt education for Palestinians.

Local sources said that the foundations of what would have been an elementary school was built between Yatta and Bani Naim, in an area close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Beni Hefer.

The demolition came just one week after Defence Minister Naftali Bennett declared that he was embarking on a battle for Area C of the West Bank to ensure that it remains in Israeli hands.

According to the local sources, the school was intended to serve children in the remote villages who often have to travel long distances and through rough and hazardous terrain to reach their schools in nearby towns.

Representative of the Anti-Settlement Committee in the West Bank Rateb Lijbour said that no prior notice of demolition was given to the school administration in a bid to impede Palestinian children’s education.

This is not the first school to be demolished by occupation forces in Al Khalil. A similar school near Al-Dahriya town south of occupied Al Khalil was demolished last year.

Naomi Linder Kahn, the representative of the right-wing settler group Regavim which campaigns for the demolition of Palestinian villages, said: “What is new – and is very welcome and long overdue.”

He added: “The Civil Administration exercised its authority to demolish new structures – and stood up, at last, to the EU’s brazen meddling and unabashed support for illegal construction.

“We hope this new resolve will gain momentum and turn the tide back on the PA’s hostile takeover of Area C.”

The town of Yatta, which exists in complete and utter isolation from the rest of the occupied West Bank, is located in Area C, which constitutes the larger territorial chunk, about 60 per cent, of the West Bank.

Over the years, villagers have also lost access to large parts of their agricultural land as a nearby Israeli settlement expanded.

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