Israeli forces murder 3 Palestinian youths with cold blood in Gaza

Jan 22,2020

Israeli occupation army claimed they threw grenade at them, but mother of one of them denied this and stressed the army aimed to justify its massacre against unarmed youths who attempted to flee 13-year-old Israeli siege, looking for work.

Israeli occupation forces murdered with cold blood on Tuesday evening three Palestinians in the south of occupied Gaza Strip, which has been under strict Israeli siege for 13 years.

The Israeli occupation army issued a video showing the three Palestinian youths taking off their clothes and claimed they had thrown an explosive device before they were shot dead by the Israeli soldiers.

However, the video shows them taking off their clothes at the order of the Israeli soldiers and threw their clothes ahead.

It also shows that the Israeli soldiers shot live ammunition at the clothes of the Palestinian youths. The video does not show the moment when they were shot dead.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement that the young men attempted to infiltrate into Israel before throwing an explosive device at the Israeli soldiers, who “neutralised” them.

Mother of one of the three youths said that her son had been unemployed for five years before he decided to infiltrate to Israel looking for work.

She stressed her son along with his two friends did not throw any explosive device at the Israeli occupation soldiers because all what they needed was to look for work in Israel.

The bereaved mother stressed that the Israeli narrative about the incident is false and aimed to justify the “massacre”.

Palestine Post 24