After its decision to probe Israeli crimes, Netanyahu wants to impose sanctions on ICC

Jan 22,2020

Netanyahu thanked US President Donald Trump because he has spoken forcefully against the ICC.’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to impose sanctions on International Criminal Court (ICC) after it had decided to investigate Israeli war crimes against Palestinians.

Speaking to the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Netanyahu said that “everyone should rise up against” the ICC’s decision to investigate Israeli crimes.

He appealed for authorities “to ask for concrete actions: sanctions against the international court, its officials, its prosecutors, everyone.”

Netanyahu praised the US government and said that under the current President Donald Trump’s leadership, the US Administration had “spoken forcefully against the ICC”.

He went on to accuse the court of launching “a full-frontal attack on democracies,” claiming that the ICC prevents democracies’ rights to defend themselves, including “Israel’s right – the Jewish people’s right – to live in its ancestral homeland, the Land of Israel.”

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said on Tuesday that Netanyahu is planning to concentrate on the issue of the ICC during his meeting with world leaders who are attending the Fifth World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem.

In December, the Public Prosecutor of the ICC announced her plan to investigate possible Israeli war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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