Palestinian children face disastrous conditions in Israeli jails

Jan 22,2020

Children as young as 12 years can be prosecuted in Israeli military courts.

More than 33 Palestinian children are facing “disastrous” conditions inside Israeli prison of Damoun, PLO’s Commission for Prisoners and Freed Prisoners revealed on Tuesday.

In a report, the commission said that the Israeli prison services had “arbitrarily” relocated 33 children from Ofer prison to Damoun without adult representatives present.

The commission said that the children were placed in five cells, including three without windows and two with very small windows.

This section does not have outdoor space and had previously been deserted for two years leaving full of bugs, crickets and mosquitoes.

“In short, it is unsuitable for human life,” the report said.

The children did not have enough blankets and clothes when they were relocated or hot water to shower in.

When the children protested against their relocation and harsh prison conditions, jail guards sent in special forces to deter them by cutting electricity and water supplies, teargassed them and confiscating their personal kits.

Some of them were placed in solitary confinement in Al Jalama Prison and some were issued with fines.

Approximately 50 per cent of Palestinian child detainees are held in prisons in Israel in breach of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Click here for a fact sheet about Israeli violations against Palestinian children.

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