French president tastes kind of life Palestinians endure under Israeli occupation

Jan 23,2020

Macron was given a little taste of what it is like to be a Palestinian living under Israeli illegal occupation.

French President Emmanuel Macron had heated row with an Israeli guard who provoked him as he attempted to block his entry to medieval church owned by France in Jerusalem.

An Israeli guard blocked Macron’s entry to a medieval church owned by France in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The fiery altercation between Macron and the Israeli guard took place at the entrance of the Church of Saint Anne, which was gifted to the French in 1856 by Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I.

While the grounds of the Catholic Church are still considered French territory, Israeli exclusive claim to Jerusalem and Palestine as a whole, as the indigenous community have discovered at great cost, traduces any sense of international norm and justice.

“Please respect the rules. They [have been in place] for centuries. They will not change with me,” Macron snapped at the Israeli guard obstructing his entry to what is effectively France.

Visibly angry, Macron directed his frustration at the Israeli guard saying: “I do not like what you did in front of me.”

He again insisted that norms be respected. “Go out. Outside!” ordered Macron “I’m sorry, but we know the rules. Nobody has to provoke! Nobody!”


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