US warns Palestinians against raising opposition to deal of the century at UN

Feb 03,2020

The plan destroys the Palestinian aspiration of a state even in 5% of historic Palestine.

US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft warned Palestinians on Friday not to bring their displeasure with Trump’s deal to the world body, Reuters reported.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will speak in the UN Security Council in the next two weeks about the deal of the century, Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour said on Wednesday.

He also said that he hoped the 15-member council would also vote on a draft resolution on the issue.

However, the US is certain to veto any such resolution, diplomats said. That would allow the Palestinians to take the draft text to the 193-member UN General Assembly, where a vote would publicly show how the deal of the century has been received internationally.

Craft said that while the Palestinians’ initial reaction to the deal was anticipated, “why not instead take that displeasure and channel it into negotiations?”

She added: “Bringing that displeasure to the United Nations does nothing but repeat the failed pattern of the last seven decades. Let’s avoid those traps and instead take a chance on peace.”

Craft said the US was ready to facilitate talks and that she was “happy to play any role” that contributes to the implementation of the deal of the century.

Mansour said on Thursday: “There is not a single Palestinian official (who) will meet with American officials now after they submitted an earthquake, the essence of it the destruction of the national aspirations of the Palestinian people. This is unacceptable.”

Israel’s UN mission signalled on Tuesday that it was preparing for the Palestinians to pursue UN action, saying in a statement that it was “working to thwart these efforts, and will lead a concerted diplomatic campaign with the US.”