Who cares? Gaza under Israeli attack again

Feb 05,2020

Mass media ignores reporting that hundreds of Gaza children and women suffered panic attacks under such repeated Israeli raids.

Israeli occupation fighters carried out several air raids in Gaza on Wednesday night, causing hundreds of Palestinians suffer from panic attack across the besieged enclave.

Such Israeli raids take place at least two or three times every week; however, reporters do no report about the human suffering resulted of these attacks.

Dr Ali Hussein told Palestine Post 24 that journalists ignore reporting about the people who suffer panic attacks because of the big number of wounded and deaths used to be reported under the Israeli attacks.

Israeli occupation military claimed the air raids were carried out in response to rockets and incendiary balloons launched from Gaza into Israel.

Palestine Post 24

The Israel lobby is mobilising to stop Bernie Sanders

Like what it did with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, pro-Israeli lobby is doing its best to bring down Bernie Sanders in the United States. All of this just because they support Palestinian rights!