Canadian Jews stand with Palestinians in rejecting Trump’s deal

Feb 06,2020

‘Trump’s deal is a stark reminder of the importance of BDS at this critical juncture,’ the Independent Jewish Voices Canada said.

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada has condemned the “ill-fated plan in no uncertain terms” and announced their full support for the Palestinians in their battle to regain their rights.

“We stand with the Palestinian people who are taking to the streets in the thousands, both in Palestine and throughout the world, to denounce what many have called Trump’s ‘apartheid plan,’” the IJV said.

“Moreover, we call on the Canadian government and Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne to unequivocally denounce this plan, and instead to remind Trump, Netanyahu, and the international community of their responsibilities to follow the principles of international law and justice.”

The IJV reiterated that “there has never been a better time for BDS.”

“While the Trump plan could represent a disastrous turn for any chance of peace and justice in Israel-Palestine, for us it means staying the course, digging in our heels and continuing the work we are already doing,” the IJV said.

It added: “The IJV was the first national Jewish organisation in Canada to endorse the Palestinian campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions. Trump’s plan is a stark reminder of the importance of BDS at this critical juncture.

“We know that there can be no just peace in Israel-Palestine until all refugees are allowed the right to return home.”

The IJV concluded it statement, inviting “all people of good conscience to join us in BDS actions, and resisting this plan with all our hearts and energies.”


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