Israel threatens to use ‘lethal force’ to ‘crush’ Gaza

Feb 10,2020

Aggression Minister Naftali Bennet said: “Our attacks on Gaza will be unbearable this time.”

Right wing Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that Israel is to take “crushing action” against Palestinians in Gaza Strip, who have been under tight Israeli siege for 14 years.

“Just a few weeks ago, we took out the top commander of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and I suggest that Islamic Jihad and Hamas refresh their memories,” Netanyahu said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in occupied Jerusalem.

“I will not lay out in detail all our actions and plans in the media, but we are prepared for crushing action against the terror groups [Palestinian factions] in Gaza. Our actions are powerful, and they are not finished yet, to put it mildly.”

Meanwhile, his extremist right wing Aggression Minister Naftali Bennett warned that Israel would take “lethal action against Gaza residents.”

Bennett considered the protest actions taken by Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, as “irresponsible behaviour” that must be stopped.

Israeli settlers near the eastern fence of Gaza express their worries and fear the anti-Israeli siege protests being organised by Hamas the other Palestinian factions in Gaza.

“Israel does not want a war with Hamas in Gaza, but we are committed to the safety of the residents of the south. The irresponsible behaviour of Hamas’s leadership is bringing us closer to taking lethal action against them,” Bennett warned.

He added: “We will not announce when or where. This action will be very different from those taken in the past.

“No one will be immune. Hamas faces a choice: choose life and economic prosperity or choose terror and pay an unbearable price. Their actions will determine [which it will be].”

The Times of Israel