UN: Israel killed 3,602 Palestinians, injured over 100,000 during past decade

Feb 14,2020

At least, 791 among the Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation during the past decade were children.

Israeli occupation forces killed 3,602 Palestinians citizens and wounded over 100,000 in the occupied Palestinian territories during the last decades, UN report revealed on Thursday.

In 2019, Israeli occupation forces killed 132 Palestinians, mostly by air-launched explosive weapons or live ammunition: 107 were killed in the Gaza Strip and 25 in the West Bank.

Another 15,368 Palestinians were injured during the year by Israeli occupation forces: 42 per cent required medical treatment after inhaling tear gas, 16 per cent were hit by steal coated with rubber bullets and 13 per cent were shot with live ammunition.

Some 20 per cent of the Palestinian fatalities across the occupied Palestinian territories in 2019 and at least 36 per cent of the injuries were of children (under 18 years of age); 25 of the children killed were boys and two girls.

Of the Palestinian fatalities in the Gaza Strip, 33 were civilians killed in the context of the ‘Great March of Return’ (GMR) protests by the eastern fence of Gaza, and the rest during Israeli occupation strikes and other incidents.

In the West Bank, 13 of the Palestinians killed were during demonstrations and eight allegedly carried out attacks against the Israeli occupation.

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