Palestinian boy shot by Israeli police loses sight in eye

Feb 22,2020

Israeli occupation police shot the boy in his face from very close distance while he was back home from his school.

The nine-year-old Palestinian boy Malik Issa, who was shot in his face by Israeli occupation police occupied Jerusalem last week, lost vision in his left eye, sources revealed on Tiursday.

Issa was hospitalised after being shot by an Israeli policeman when he had just gotten off his school bus in Al Issawiya neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem.

Mohammed abu al Hummus, a community leader, who has been regularly visiting Issa’s family at the hospital, said that the boy lost vision in the left eye following surgeries on Wednesday.

He said that his doctors will operate again in the coming days to try and preserve the eye itself.

Israeli Police claimed that the policeman shot at “rioters” in the neighbourhood and used what they describe as non-lethal weapons, which usually refers to rubber-tipped bullets and sponge rounds that can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

However, such rounds are lethal when they are shot from very close distance and have killed tens of Palestinians across the occupied territories.

Israeli occupation police have been carrying out daily raids in Al Issawiya neighbourhood for several months that frequently ignite demonstrations.

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