At least 140 Palestinians wounded in Israeli attacks in West Bank

Feb 28,2020

Israeli occupation forces cracked down on several peaceful protests against the Israeli occupation and settlements.

Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded at least 140 Palestinians as they raided on Friday different cities across the occupied West Bank.

According to a statement issued by the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC), the Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 134 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

The PRC said that two of the Palestinians were wounded in their heads, 53 wounded with steel-coated with rubber bullets and 76 suffered breathing problems due to tear gas fired by the Israeli occupation forces.

Meanwhile, Palestinian medical sources in the occupied West Bank reported that six Palestinians were wounded as the Israeli occupation forces cracked down on the weekly anti-settlement peaceful protest in Kafr Qaddum.

Palestinian sources also reported several wounded in the Israeli crackdown on a protest which marked the 26th anniversary of the Israeli massacre at Al Ibrahimi Mosque in Al Khalil and the killing of 48 Palestinians and wounding over 200 others.

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