Saudi accuses Palestinian, Jordanian prisoners of funding terror

Mar 09,2020

None of the prisoners had any criminal record along their life in the Kingdom. Their only fault is supporting the Palestinian cause.

Saudi Arabia held the first hearing for Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners in its jails on Sunday as the prosecution accused them of supporting and funding terror.

According to Quds Press, 68 Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners appeared in court in the presence of 45 of their family members.

The court announced the indictment against them, which, according to Quds Press, also claimed their affiliation to a “terror entity.”

Hamas representative, Mohamed Al-Khodari, and his son were among those in attendance.

Both were arrested on 4 April 2019. Eighty-one-year-old Al Kohdari suffers from cancer and leading rights groups called for his release on humanitarian grounds.

After a three-hour hearing, the court adjourned the sentence against them until the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Rights groups and families revealed last year that Saudi Arabia had arrested scores of Palestinians and Jordanians.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Right Monitor said that 60 Palestinians had been forcibly disappeared in Saudi Arabia and called for their immediate release.


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