UN: Israel demolished 9 Palestinian structures in two weeks

May 02,2020

Israeli NGO B’Tselem: Violence of Israeli Jewish settlers supported and protected by Israeli government.

Israeli occupation demolished nine Palestinian structures in occupied West Bank and displaced family of eight members, including five children during the past two weeks, UNOCHA said.

The displacement took place in the Bedouin community of Ein ad Duyuk at Tahta, near Jericho, where the occupation authorities demolished an inhabited caravan provided as humanitarian assistance.

Another five aid structures, including residential tents and animal shelters, were demolished in the nearby community of Deir al Qilt.

During the same period, OCHA said five Palestinians were injured and around 470 Palestinian-owned olive trees and saplings damaged by Israeli settlers.

Settler-related violence has been on the rise since the beginning of March, according to the UN organisation, with the weekly average of incidents resulting in injuries or property damage increasing by over 80 per cent compared to January-February.

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