Egypt says it destroyed more than 3,000 Gaza tunnels

May 05,2020

Besieged Gaza residents used the tunnels to smuggle the necessary needs for the blockaded Gazans, including food and medicines.

Egyptian army has destroyed more than 3,000 tunnels along its border with the besieged Gaza Strip in the past five years, Egyptian Army Spokesperson Tamer al-Refai has revealed on Sunday.

In an interview with the private Egyptian news channel Extra News, Refai said: “In 2015, the [Egyptian] government took a decision to establish a buffer zone along the border [with the Gaza Strip].”

Gaza Strip has been under a strict Israeli-Egyptian siege since 2007 and Gaza residents have been struggling for the basic commodities.

“These tunnels,” Refai claimed, “were used to threaten Egypt’s national security, including the infiltration of terrorists, smuggling of weapons, ammunition, goods, narcotic drugs and vehicles.”

In fact, the tunnels were used to smuggle the necessary needs for the blockaded Gazans, including food and medicines.

Refai added: “We established the buffer zone in stages because residents had to be relocated. They have received compensation.”

The Egyptian army displaced people and destroyed their homes in order to establish the buffer zone. The displaced people were left in the open air without any compensation.

It is worth noting that the Israeli-Egyptian siege against Gaza is still in place despite tens of international bodies have reiterated it is a flagrant violation of the international law and called for lifting it immediately.

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