Israeli police execute Palestinian youth in front of his mother

May 14,2020

The Israeli policemen could detain him, but it seems that they intentionally wanted to kill him.

Israeli occupation police executed on Thursday Palestinian youth in front of his mother in opposite to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian youth was identified as Mustafa Darwish Younis.

Speaking to Palestine Post 24, his mother said: “The Israeli police stopped our car and asked my son to take off. He refused, but they pulled him off.”

The bereaved mother continued: “When he was pulled out, I took off and turned around to see the Israeli occupation police shooting at him directly from a very close distance.”

A video for the incident went viral on the internet shows the Palestinian youth being put down and he used a nail cutter or a very small screwdriver to defend himself, but the Israeli policemen executed him.


Palestine Post 24