Jewish settlers filmed attacking Palestinian family; no action was made

Apr 15,2019

Some 50 settlers were documented throwing stones on a family in a West Bank village.

A group of Israeli settlers was documented Saturday hurling rocks at a Palestinian family in a West Bank village, but none of them was arrested.

The Israeli army said the "friction" between Palestinians and Israelis ended when soldiers and border policemen dispersed the crowd.

Israeli human rights organisation Yesh Din said a group of masked Jewish settlers came from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar to the Palestinian village of Urif, south of Nablus, and started attacking a family with stones at a distance of several meters.

A video of the incident shows a Palestinian mother letting her children into the car, while other family members walk around it.

The settlers then come running down the road and start throwing rocks from behind a nearby vehicle. The mother's family then rushes to help her and the children out of the car.

Urif residents say about 50 settlers came to the village's eastern neighborhood, smashed car windows and hurled stones at houses.

Settlers said a "friction that included mutual rock throwing" ensued, and one of them argued that they only came to the Palestinian village after its residents came to Yitzhar and attacked settlers there.