Israeli police ‘murder’ disabled Palestinian youth in Jerusalem

May 30,2020

The disabled Palestinians was left bleeding until he died.

Israeli occupation police “murdered” on Saturday morning disabled Palestinian youth at Lion’s Gate of Al Aqsa Mosque in the occupied holy city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli police said they suspected that the Palestinian had arms in his hand so that they opened fire at him.

Israeli MK Ofer Cassif said following the youth’s death that "the incident today in Jerusalem can only be defined as murder by the Israeli occupation police officers."

Cassif blamed the Israeli government for the “murder” of the disabled Palestinian.

“The incitement from the government's corridors has worked as planned and now every Palestinian is a terrorist until proven otherwise. 'Terrorists' are executed even when lying on the ground or running for their lives," he said.

The shooting came a day after Israeli occupation soldiers liquidated a Palestinian in the West Bank who they claimed had tried to ram them with his vehicle.

No one was wounded in either incidents.

Palestine Post 24