Israeli occupation soldiers attack Palestinian man in West Bank

Sep 01,2020

The elderly was taking part in protest against Israeli theft of Palestinian lands.

Israeli occupation soldiers violently attacked an elderly Palestinian during peaceful protest against Israeli aggression on Palestinian lands in occupied West Bank.

Eyewitnesses said that the elderly Palestinian, identified as Khairi abu-Hannoun, was among tens of Palestinians who took part in a protest against Israeli theft of Palestinian lands.

The protesters gathered in Al Shoofa village, near the West Bank city of Tulkarm, where the Israeli occupation had warned it would expropriate wide areas in order to expand an illegal Israeli Jewish settlement.

According to the witnesses, the Israeli occupation forces approached the gathering and asked them to leave the area.

When they refused and insisted to remain in the land, which is being targeted by expropriation, the Israeli occupation violently cracked on the protesters.

The elderly Palestinian rejected to move away from the area, but the Israeli soldiers knocked him down and one of the Israeli soldiers placed the head of the elderly Palestinian on the ground, pressing on it with his leg.

Pictures of the attack worth more than thousand words.

Palestine Post 24