Israeli occupation forces shoot Palestinian at Zaatara checkpoint, West Bank

Sep 02,2020

On Monday, Israeli bus driver killed 4 Palestinians. When Israeli driver runs over and kill Palestinians, Israel does not say it is ‘terrorist’ attack, but when Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian drivers for fun, Israel claims he intended to run over or stab Israelis.

Israeli occupation forces shot and critically wounded on Wednesday morning Palestinian youth near Zaatara checkpoint in occupied West Bank.

The Palestinians was identified as Mohammed Jaber Khudaier in his twenties.

Israeli medical sources said that the Palestinian was severely wounded and is currently receiving lifesaving treatment.

Palestinian Red Crescent sources said that the Israeli occupation forces refused to allow them offer first aid to the Palestinian and left him bleeding without medical help for about 15 minutes.

The Palestinians, according the Israeli occupation army, attempted to run over Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.

Eyewitnesses stressed his car collided unintentionally because it did not turn to the point where the Israeli soldiers were gathering.

On Monday, an Israeli bus driver hit a Palestinian car and killed four Palestinians and critically wounded the fifth.

The Israeli army did not say that the Israeli driver carried out a “terrorist” attack because the driver was Israeli and the victims were Palestinians.

Meanwhile, when a Palestinian driver is killed by the Israeli occupation forces without any reason, they claim he intended to carry out a “terrorist” attack.

Tens of such incidents happened and local and international rights groups investigated them and found the Israeli occupation giving false claims to cover up its violations against the Palestinians.

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