Israel to demolish Palestinian house sheltering family of 10 people in West Bank

Sep 14,2020

The Israeli demolition order was issued under the pretext that the Palestinian house was built without a permit.

Israeli occupation authorities issued on Monday demolition order against Palestinian house in the village of al-Tuwwana, in Masafer Yatta, south of occupied West Bank.

The house, out sources said, is sheltering a family of 10 members, including six children.

Israeli soldiers raided the village and informed Mahmoud abu-Aram that his 65-square-meter house where he lives with his family of 10, will be demolished.

He said that the Israeli demolition order was issued under the pretext that it was built without a permit.

Meanwhile, another resident of Al-Tuwwana was also informed by the Israeli occupation army to halt construction on his house under the same pretext.

Mohammad Rabei, head of al-Tuwwana village council, said that these orders aim to force Palestinians out of their lands, which they inherited from their parents and grandparents.

He stressed that the Palestinian owners of these lands have legal ownership deeds, but the Israeli occupation wants to steal the land in order to expand nearby illegal Israeli settlement built on stolen Palestinian land.

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