Netanyahu: Peace with Arabs to pour millions into Israel’s treasury

Sep 15,2020

Netanyahu bragged about ‘two peace deals in one month.’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that peace deals with the UAE and Bahrain would pour millions of dollars into Israel’s treasury.

Prior to leaving for Washington to sign and celebrate the two peace deals with the two Gulf states, Netanyahu addressed Israelis saying that it is a “historic” trip.

“Two peace deals in one month,” the Times of Israel reported him saying.

“The deals will pour millions into the Israeli economy,” he added according to the same newspaper.

“That’s always good, but it’s particularly good during the coronavirus,” he concluded.

The UAE and Bahrain reached deals to normalise relations with the occupation state and officials from the two Arab countries are to attend an official ceremony at the White House to sign and celebrate the deals in the presence of Israeli officials.

Times of Israel