Israeli Jewish settler runs over and kill female Palestinian Teacher

Apr 18,2019

Israeli Jewish settler has run over and killed female Palestinian teacher in Khirbet al-Dira in Taqou Neighbourhood, east of West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The teacher was identified as Fatima Sulieman, 42 years old.

Local sources told Palestine Post 24 that the Israeli Jewish settler hit the car of the teacher and when she took off to see what happened, the settler hit her and ran over her body.

According to the sources, the extremist Jewish settler continued driving his way carelessly as if he did nothing wrong.

Israeli Jewish settler, who live in illegal settlements build in usurped Palestinian lands, continuously commit crimes against the Palestinians.

Rights groups, including Israeli ones, have several times investigated the continuous settlers’ crimes against the Palestinians and found that they are encouraged by the government.

The rights groups said that the settler criminals go unpunished even if they killed Palestinians.

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Israel to demolish playground in Bedouin village

Israel issued demolition order early this week for children’s playground in an unrecognised Bedouin village in southern Israel, even though the state has no plans to evacuate the community.