Israel occupation seizes water tanker in West Bank

Sep 22,2020

Israeli rights group B’Tselem: Seizing water tankers is one form of the Israeli occupation measures aimed to push the Palestinians out of their homes and farms in the occupied territories.

Israeli occupation forces seized on Monday evening awater tanker in the occupied Palestinian West Bank city of Tubas, local activist reported.

The water tanker owned by a Palestinian contractor, who is working on grading dirt roads in the east of the Palestinian city.

Local activist Aref Daraghmeh, who monitors Israeli violations in the occupied West Bank, said that seizing the tankers pushed the contractor to stop his work and leave the roads leading to Palestinian farms ungraded.

Dirt roads are the artery lines for the Palestinians farmers who use them to access their farms and pick up olives.

Grading the roads is urgently needed because of the start of the season of picking olive.

Palestine Post 24