Israeli Jewish rabbi: Soldiers should kill Palestinians, not neutralise them

Sep 22,2020

Court judge reported the Jewish rabbi calling for killing Palestinians, not neutralising them when they stand against Jews.

The Israeli High Court of Justice has ruled that Jewish Rabbi of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu should be punished for calling on Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinians, not neutralise them, Israel Hayom reported on Tuesday.

Justice Alex Stein, who wrote the ruling, characterizsed Eliyahu's comments as "threats, incitement, hateful."

As an example, Stein quoted Eliyahu saying: “We need to try and kill anyone who raises his hand against a Jew. And he doesn't even have to kill [a Jew], only strike him or want him dead.”

The racist rabbi explained how this could be achieved, saying: “Soldier, police and civilians have an obligation to kill the Palestinians. Not 'neutralise' them or 'get them under control,' but remove them from the world.”

In another case, Eliyahu, discussing the Palestinians, said: “What do we do about these wild urges about the Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa Mosque) … there is no one more exploitative than they are … They are given money, and they spit in your face.”

Stein said that remarks of this kind did not fall under the prerogative granted to publicly-employed rabbis, because they included "contempt and incitement that are not in line with the Torah or Jewish law."

Eliyahu said about the punishment decision: “This is a political court. If we were talking about freedom of speech for their people, there would be no problem showing a guillotine or the prime minister being hanged.

If we are talking about rabbis or religious people, they bend the law to eradicate this basic right.”

The extremist rabbi stressed he would continue delivering his poisonous remarks. “We will not stop talking,” he said. “We will not stop telling the truth,” he claimed.

Israel Hayom