Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian youth in West Bank

Oct 05,2020

The martyr was shot and killed allegedly for throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli occupation forces raided his town.

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed on Monday night Palestinian youth at Ennab checkpoint, east of occupied West Bank city of Tulkarm, eyewitnesses said.

According to the eyewitnesses, they saw the young man lying on the ground bleeding to death after sustaining critical wounds from Israeli military gunfire near an Israeli military checkpoint.

“Israeli occupation forces closed the checkpoint in both directions, causing serious traffic jam,” they eyewitnesses said, noting that the fatality is the freed prisoner Samir al-Hamidi.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation soldiers set up a checkpoint at the entrance of the town of Beit Lid in Tulkarm, where the family of the martyr live, causing heavy traffic jam as large number of infantry troops were deployed in the farmlands surrounding the town.

Israeli media sources claimed that the man was killed purportedly for hurling Molotov cocktails at Israeli occupation forces, near the nearby illegal Israeli Jewish settlement of Einav.

However Israeli military has claimed that Palestinians were allegedly attempting to carry out attacks when they are being shot dead, Israeli and Palestinian rights groups disputed Israel’s narratives and proved they were false.

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