Israel, Hamas reaches 6-month ceasefire

Oct 11,2020

The agreement was reached after indirect talks held between Israeli officials and Hamas in Doha.

Israeli occupation government and Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas have reached six-month ceasefire, sources revealed on Sunday.

The ceasefire agreement brokered and mediated by the Gulf State of Qatar, whose senior official Mohammad el-Emadi is the contact person with Hamas and the Palestinians.

According to the sources, the ceasefire will see quiet on the Gaza eastern borders for a period of six months.

In return, the sources said, Qatar will pay $100 million to Gaza in order to pay for the civil servants who are not being paid by the Palestinian Authority.

The agreement was reached through indirect talks held between the Israeli Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen and the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Occupied Territories and Hamas officials in Doha.

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