Israeli occupation detained 1,600 Palestinians, 230 children in 2019

Apr 18,2019

Israeli occupation has detained 1,600 Palestinians in the first quarter of 2019, including 230 children and 40 women, specialist committee affiliates to the PLO has reported.

The PLO’s Department of Public Diplomacy and Policy said in a report that since the start of this year, Israel has detained 1,600 Palestinians, 230 of whom were children and 40 of whom were women.

Of these Palestinians, 500 were placed in administrative detention, which allows detainees to be held indefinitely without charge or trial.

The report also issued figures on child detentions in 2018, showing that Israel detained some 3,255 Palestinian children between the ages of 12 and 17 over the course of the year.

According to the Jerusalem Post, some 70 per cent of these children “were threatened with violence, including rape, castration, home demolition, imprisonment for life and denial of food… More than 75 per cent of child prisoners reported being blindfolded.”

child preisoner.jpg