UAE diplomat: Trump’s campaign received millions from ‘Muslim supporters’

Nov 02,2020

Muslim supporters are the Zionist rulers of the Arab states, including Saudi, UAE, Bahrain leaders.

A senior UAE diplomat revealed that US President Donald Trump’s elections campaign has received millions of dollars from “Muslim supporters,” Israeli media reported on Sunday.

Israel Hayom said the official, whose identity was not revealed, expressed his country’s hope for Trump’s victory, stressing: “Trump’s campaign has received millions of dollars in donations from Muslim supporters of him and his policies in the Middle East.”

The paper also reported a senior Bahraini official expressing his concern about the possibility that Trump will be defeated.

According to the daily, the unnamed Bahraini official said: “There are growing fears among moderate Arab countries that Trump might be defeated, and the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, will adopt a different policy in the Middle East.”

The Bahraini official reiterated to the newspaper: “Biden’s victory could push the countries that are in contact to normalise relations with Israel to take a step backward.”

During the last two months, three Arab countries – the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan – announced normalisation of ties with Israel and signed deals under the patronage of the US president.

Last week, Trump said five more Arab countries are ready to normalise relations with Israel. “It will be after the American elections,” he said, adding: “We are doing a lot of work now, and I am involved in all of those deals.”

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