Palestinian saves Austrian policeman in Vienna attack

Nov 05,2020

Osama Jodeh, 23, risked his life to help wounded police officer.

Palestinian-Muslim immigrant was hailed as hero in Austria on Tuesday after helping wounded police officer during Monday’s terrorist attack.

Osama Jodeh, a 23-year-old Palestinian, risked his life to help a police officer who was shot by a terrorist in Vienna’s city centre.

Jodeh told daily Kurier that he heard several gunshots while working in a fast food restaurant at Schwedenplatz square.

After seeing a police officer wounded, he helped him to hide behind a concrete block, tried to stop the bleeding, and alerted other police officers.

While the assailant continued shooting at people on the street, Jodeh helped bringing the wounded police officer to an ambulance.

The Vienna Police thanked Jodeh by granting him with an honorary medal.

It is worth noting that the only people who helped saving lives of wounded civilians and police were Muslims. In addition to Jodeh, two Turkish youths helped saving lives of people wounded in the attack.

Anadolu News Agency