Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian workers near Ramallah

Nov 15,2020

The attack caused stampede among the Palestinian workers who were passing through very narrow passage.

Israeli occupation forces assaulted on Sunday Palestinian workers near Ramallah while they were on their way to their wokplaces inside Israel, denied them entry.

Imad Khawaja, head of the municipality of Ni’lin, said that Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinian workers near the village and assaulted them with teargas.

He pointed out that the attack caused stampede among the workers, who were passing through a very narrow passage, and caused many cases of suffocation among them.

Khawaja also said that the workers, who used the same route they use every day in their daily commute to their workplaces inside Israel, were ultimately denied entry and were forced to return to their homes in the West Bank in a very rainy weather.

Palestine Post 24