UAE takes part in bombing Gaza

Nov 24,2020

‘Can Dahi Khalfan deny that an Emirati pilot had taken part in bombing Gaza three weeks ago?’ Cohen asked.

Israeli journalist and researcher Edy Cohen revealed that pilot from United Arab Emirates had taken part in airstrike in Gaza Strip as part of training to use F35 jets.

Replying to a tweet posted by the former police chief in the UAE Dahi Khalfan, who criticised Israel and said that “Israel’s goal is to destroy the Arab countries and dominate their lands.”

Cohen wrote: “Does Khalfan deny that an Emirati pilot is having training with the Israeli air forces and he took part in carrying out an airstrike in Gaza three weeks ago?”

The Israeli journalist and researcher claimed that the Emirati participation in bombing Gaza was part of training to use F35 fighter jets. “I challenge Khalfan to deny this,” Cohen wrote.

In addition, Cohen called on Khalfan to stop criticising Israel and Jews; “otherwise, I will open your file and expose all your scandals.”

At the same time, Cohen revealed that it was not the first time that UAE’s pilots take part in training side by side with Israeli occupation soldiers, citing drills in Greece, Cyprus and several other places.

Al Jazeera Arabic