Rights group: Israeli occupation killed 75 Palestinian children in Gaza since 2018

Nov 30,2020

The Israeli occupation army has killed 75 Palestinian children and wounded 5,137 others in the Gaza Strip since January 2018, a human rights group has found.

In a report on the dangers facing Palestinian children and their basic rights in Gaza, the NGO pointed that at least 66 of the wounded children suffered long-term disabilities after the injury.

Three children died after being denied access to medical treatment by the Israeli occupation authorities, the report pointed out.

Over the past two years, Israeli occupation forces have abducted 70 Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip.

During their incarceration, the children were subjected to torture, ill-treatment, abuse, discrimination and negligence. 

The report explained that the violations of children’s rights in the Gaza Strip are not limited to killing and shooting but include targeting parents, homes, schools, hospitals among other abuses that affect the children’s lives and their future.

During the reporting period, the human rights organisation added, 177 Palestinian children have been made homeless after the Israeli occupation army completely destroyed their homes and 1,001 others have had their houses partially damaged.

According to the report, 618 children have lost one family member at least and 365 others have lost one or both of their parents.

Some 35 Palestinian schools in the Gaza Strip have suffered damage over the past two years. 

Due to the 14-year Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, 291 Palestinian children have found difficulties when attempting to access medical treatment abroad.

The Israeli occupation is still withholding the bodies of three children killed by its troops.

The report, in addition, addressed the impacts of the deteriorating humanitarian situation owing to the crippling Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since September 2007 on Palestinian children and their rights. 

About 70 per cent of Gaza’s population suffer food insecurity and at least 73 per cent of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip have anaemia, the report demonstrated.

The advocacy group warned against Gaza’s deteriorating humanitarian situation due to the Israeli siege on the impoverished enclave amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The World Children's Day should be an occasion for the international community and for every country to abide by its legal and moral duties and commitments towards the increasing Israeli violations against children in the occupied Palestinian territories,” the human rights group concluded.

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