British-Palestinians are banned to identify themselves, talks about their history

Dec 16,2020

Palestinians are not allowed to talk about their tragic history in Britain, historian says.

British Palestinian activist Akram Salhab has made this film exploring how Palestinians feel that their experience of British colonialism is being sidelined.

This is his personal account of how it feels to be British and Palestinian. These are his views and those of other British Palestinians.

Avi Shlaim, Professor of International Relations at Oxford University, told Salhab in this video that Britain had stolen Palestine from the Palestinians and in 1948, Britain worked behind the scenes to abort the birth of a Palestinian state.

“Britain is very largely responsible for the Palestinian tragedy and yet no British leader has ever accepted responsibility for this tragedy,” Shlaim said.

“What happened in 1948, Israel was responsible for expelling the Palestinians,” he said.

About Britain’s suppression of the people who talk about Israel’s responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy, he said: “You are simply talking about historical facts and the tragedy that in Britain today there is not freedom of expression and the Palestinians are not allowed to talk about their history.”


Channel 4 News